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Strange Case Of A Girl Cured With Homeopathy

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Unmarried girl age 27 years. Physically & mentally ill but do not look ill.

Mental status of a patient

Every time busy in talking with herself as her mind is divided in three to four different parts with different names & they are communicating each other. This communication is sham full & so much absurd that we can not write the whole here. Due to this self communication she is not mentally presence in a place & forget to do daily life works always. Apart from this she also talk with relatives brothers, sisters aunts etc. She can’t finish any work on time. She is busy in this type of talk with such a great concentration that she can’t even remember who came & went in & out of a house.

Very expert in weeping & living in past. Whenever she sees old photo, books cloths & meets some old friends start crying. She was in love with some person who is no more now, Always remember time spent with him & do not agree to marry. Always blaming herself due to some sin which she made but never reveal.

She is fond of sleeping & hates a sun, says why morning happens i was sleeping peacefully. Now due to sun rise i have to work. She some time think of future & do not do to make it bright. She is a lonely bird.

Dreams she often sees

  • She is flying at a high altitude then suddenly comes land
  • Many men are carrying dead body for funeral
  • Narrow bridge in a water on which she is walking alone with a fear to slip

Sexual state of a patient

Do self sex but not fingering specially after mensuration. She is trying to get rid of this habit because of its side effect in form of back, knee & joints pain. But when she is alone in house she does thinking that pain will go away in a day or few. She was indulge in watching porn too but now controls herself after seeing a motivational videos.

Physical state of a patient

Impaired & disturbed hair, rarely in a fresh lookup, graying of hair is increasing. After eating meat tooth pain occurs. There are black stain on teeth’s which are not going away even after using hekla lawa tooth powder. Cough is often vomiting feels some time she has to take sugar to control vaunting. Small breast size having more hair on legs & lower foot as compared to other woman’s. Suffering white discharge since 11 years without any smell, Having a normal mensuration.


She was given Staphysagria, Ignatia, Netrum Mur & Tuberculinum.


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