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Homeopathy Medicine For Cold

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The sensitivity of cold varies from person to person some are more sensitive while some people are normal with cold. Some are more prone to common cold, cough, nose block, running nose, viral fever, congestion, and sinus problems. Homeopathy is ideal for the treatment of disorders caused due to cold or due to extra sensitivity to cold. Other than the symptoms, homeopathy effectively cures the underlying causes of cold sensitivity that cause the condition.

ARSENIC ALBUM. Sankhya Safed / Arsenic It is am good homeopathic medicine for cold caused by taking ice creams and cold drinks.

ARSENIC ALBUM will help you if you get cold and dry cough after having cold drinks or cold food like ice creams, cold drinks or any food item from refrigerator.

Cold food is not only one which is kept in refrigerator but also food articles which are cold by nature like Curd

RHUS TOX. RHUS TOX is the medicine for cold caused usually in rainy season. If you get wet in rains or if you get exposed to damp wet weather but not actually got wet and if you catch cold and cough, RHUS TOX is the ideal homeopathy medicine to take.

ANTIMONIUM TART. It is a Homoeopathic expectorant.

ANTIMONIUM TART works best in acute onset of congestive cough where there is lot of mucus in the chest and it is not coming out. ANTIMONIUM TART in this case proves very helpful.

ANTIMONIUM ARSENICUM. ANTIMONIUM ARSENICUM is the medicine for congestion in chest with breathlessness.

ANTIMONIUM ARS works best if the person is having breathlessness due to accumulation of lot of mucus in chest after having cold food or drinks or change of weather.

HEPAR SULPHURIS. HEPAR SULPHURIS is the medicine for winter season. If you are exposed to dry cold wind in winter and then catch cold, cough, tonsils or fever you can use HEPAR SULPH.

Apart from above Alum Sepia is also useful in cold & running nose. Or the condition which looks same while cutting onion.

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