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Joint Pain After Taking Corona Vaccine – Covid Vaccination

A male patient age 42 who took Corona Vaccine 2 years back came complaining joint pain. Every joint of the body pains, some time all at a time. In family history his grand mother was suffering with the same joint pain. During case taking he told that pain was there before taking Corona Vaccine but … Read more

Homeopathy Medicine For Arthritis

Homeopathy Medicine For Arthritis Signs and symptoms of Arthritis Joint pain. Often a deep, aching pain that gets worse when you move and better when you rest the joint; in severe cases, the pain may be constant. Stiffness in the morning, or after sitting or lying down for more than 15 minutes. Joint swelling Joints … Read more

Homeopathy Medicine For Epilepsy

Homeopathy Medicine For Epilepsy Epilepsy is a disease that affects the brain’s nerve cells and triggers the release of abnormal electrical signals. This can cause temporary malfunctioning of the other brain cells and result in a sudden loss of consciousness. Epilepsy can affect both children and adults. Epilepsy is treatable with homeopathy medicine. Cicuta Cicuta … Read more

Homeopathy Medicine for Appendicitis Pain

Appendicitis is a chronic or acute medical condition where the appendix gets inflamed and causes severe pain.  If left untreated, the condition can prove to be fatal. The appendix is a small tube-shaped sac at the end of the large intestine. In humans, it is typically not known to have any functional value although some studies suggest … Read more

Homeopathy Medicine To Increase Memory

Homeopathy Medicine To Increase Memory Homeopathic system of treatment is ideal for treatment of weak memory or memory loss due to any reason. Homeopathy medicine works without side effects & are completely safe from natural sources. Homeopathic medicines for increasing memory are unique for every person based on individual symptoms. Agnus castus For Memory Loss … Read more

Homeopathy Medicine For Indigestion and Gas

Homeopathy Medicine For Indigestion and Gas Bloating and gas are most commonly caused due to indigestion as well as an excessive accumulation of gas in the abdomen region. This can lead to a feeling of tightness and swelling, along with debilitating pain and discomfort, in some severe cases. Nux Vomica Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is … Read more

Homeopathy Medicine For Cold

The sensitivity of cold varies from person to person some are more sensitive while some people are normal with cold. Some are more prone to common cold, cough, nose block, running nose, viral fever, congestion, and sinus problems. Homeopathy is ideal for the treatment of disorders caused due to cold or due to extra sensitivity to … Read more