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Homoeopathy treats the “root cause” of the disease, Two people presenting with the same complaint may receive a different medicine based on their individual symptoms and emotional response to the illness.

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Spine & Joints

Homoeopathy treatment for spine injuries and spine disorders such as infection, scoliosis, and herniated disk, disk compression, disk degeneration, cervical spondylosis ,lower back pain , sciatica, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis treatment, treatment for cervical & ankylosing spondylosis.


Digestive & Abdominal

Homoeopathy treatment for hyper acidity, heart burn, burning in stomach, (acid reflux disease), ibs (irritable bowel syndrome), burning in stomach and lower abdomen, burning while urination, burning piles, unsatisfactory stools, constipation, fatty liver, liver disorders, ascites etc.


Skin & Hair

Homoeopathy treatment for psoriasis, pimples, eczema, skin eruptions and scars, hyper pigmentation, skin tanning, skin allergies, skin diseases, itching burning of the skin, skin redness, psoriasis vulgaris psoriasis, hair fall, hair loss, baldness alopecia etc.


Immunity Fever & Infection

Homeopathy treatment for Immunity, Infections, Fevers,  Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid,  Hepatitis A B C, Viral Fever etc.


sexual Wellness

Sexual & Performance treatment for male & female bed issues, Development medicine for male & female.


Harmonal Disorder

Harmonal diseases including hypothalamus, pineal body, pituitary gland, thyroid and parathyroid, thymus, adrenal gland, pancreas, ovaries and testicles.


A 30- 50 Minutes Consultation over a phone call with our homeopathy expert to understand and diagnose the root causes of your health issues.


Diagnosis of the disease is done using advanced technology & software with the help of your given history & information.


A customized treatment plan combining Homeopathic Medicines and Ayurvedic Medicine for a faster & ever lasting result.

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We treat & cure diseases based on the classical homeopathy system of medicine targeting root cause of the problem so that reoccurrence is minimum & satisfaction is maximum.

Homeopathy coustmers Review
Homeopathy coustmers Review
Homeopathy coustmers Review
Homeopathy coustmers Review
The law of similar

The law of similar refers to the “like cures like” theory of homeopathy.

The principle of the minimum dose

Only a small amount of substance is first used in a few doses, followed by an infinitesimal amount over time.

Cost Effective

Our mission at NX Homeopathy is to provide permanent relief to the patients at low cost.

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The principle of the single remedy

This principle holds that a single remedy should cover the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms of an illness combined.

No Side Effects

Homeopathic remedies are safe, and the risk of a serious adverse side effect is thought to be none.

Easy 24×7 consulting

Our expert are available at your given time over the phone to take history & diagnose the inner problem.

Homeopathy As Science

Homeopathy as a science is almost as old as modern physics. During the early years, between 1800 and 1870, homeopathy progressed enormously. From 1900 until 1970, it was sailing in more tranquil waters before entering another stormy phase of development. Apart from the most recent developments, homeopathy for the most part is in the first scientific stage, that of generalizations.

How We Treat Diseases With Homeopathy

Apart from other systems of medicine Homeopathy is unique & perfect in nature as it targets the real & root cause of the problem not the problem. We find the cause & root based on below factors

Bacteria, Virus, TB, Jaundice, Malaria, Influenza & other infections etc. are external causes of the 10-20 % of the diseases we suffer.

Other diseases which are known to be triggered  by stress and emotional factors like cancer, bp, thyroid, Diabetes, cholesterol, IBS, most chronic skin ailments, pcod, All autoimmune disorders like psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis etc. are caused by internal factors & 80-90% of the diseases come under this.

What to do if your disease is due to emotional cause

Our Homeopathic approach to your emotional disease.

We all know & belive that emotional factor cause more disease the any other cause. This is the main reason that it is hard to cure this type of disease. 

When treating a chronic condition below two aspects are taken by us.

1. Physical Aspect

This will include the objective symptoms like the extent of a skin lesion, swelling, redness, extent of pain, extent of involvement of a particular organ in an ultrasound or an MRI, Blood tests, lab investigations. etc

2. Emotional Aspect

This includes the emotional state of the patient in general and due to the disease, his fears, anxiety, how he reacts to his condition etc.

These are very important to be taken care of as this is what prevents complete cure of the diseases.

When above aspects are considered, In Homeopathy this is called ‘TOTALITY OF SYMPTOMS’, which means we consider the totality of both the physical and emotional symptoms of the patient while treating a particular disease.

Medicines selected from this method lead to a holistic treatment and this  is the reason most of us hear of complete cure happening in alternate systems of medicines like homeopathy.

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